Rapid Point-of-Care Identification of Aspergillus Species in Microbial Keratitis (2023)

Location of CD39+ T cell subpopulations within tumors predict differential outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer (2023)

Selective plane illumination optical endomicroscopy with polymer imaging fibers (2023)

Specific in situ immuno-imaging of pulmonary-resident memory lymphocytes in human lungs. (2023)

Data-Driven Steering of Concentric Tube Robots in Unknown Environments via Dynamic Mode Decomposition (2023)

Environmentally sensitive photosensitizers enable targeted photodynamic ablation of Gram-positive antibiotic resistant bacteria (2023)

FluoroPi Device With SmartProbes: A Frugal Point-of-Care System for Fluorescent Detection of Bacteria From a Pre-Clinical Model of Microbial Keratitis (2023)

Computational Fluorescence Suppression in Shifted Excitation Raman Spectroscopy (2023).

Fluorogenic Granzyme A Substrates Enable Real-Time Imaging of Adaptive Immune Cell Activity (2023)

Phase 2 randomised placebo-controlled trial of spironolactone and dexamethasone versus dexamethasone in COVID-19 hospitalised patients in Delhi (2023)

Specific in situ immuno-imaging of pulmonary-resident memory lymphocytes in human lungs (2023)

Simultaneous Spectral Temporal Modelling for a Time-Resolved Fluorescence Emission Spectrum (2023)

A fluorogenic probe for granzyme B enables in-biopsy evaluation and screening of response to anticancer immunotherapies (2022)

An Inhaled Galectin-3 Inhibitor in COVID-19 Pneumonitis (DEFINE): A Phase Ib/IIa Randomised Controlled Trial (2022)

Deep Learning-Assisted Co-registration of Full-Spectral Autofluorescence Lifetime Microscopic Images with H&E-Stained Histology Images (2022)

Diagnosing ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) in UK NHS ICUs: the perceived value and role of a novel optical technology (2022)

Fast and robust single-exponential decay recovery from noisy fluorescence lifetime imaging (2022)

Fibroblast Activation Protein specific optical imaging in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (2022).

High resolution TCSPC imaging of diffuse light with a one-dimensional SPAD array scanning system (2022).

Optimizing the implementation of lung cancer screening in Scotland: Focus group participant perspectives in the LUNGSCOT study (2022).

Phototherapeutic Induction of Immunogenic Cell Death and CD8+ T Cell-Granzyme B Mediated Cytolysis in Human Lung Cancer Cells and Organoids (2022)

Randomised Controlled Trial of Intravenous Nafamostat Mesylate in COVID pneumonitis: Phase 1b/2a Experimental Study to Investigate Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (2022)

Tri-mode optical biopsy probe with fluorescence endomicroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy (2022).

Understanding patient barriers and facilitators to uptake of lung screening using low dose computed tomography: a mixed methods scoping review of the current literature (2022).

A Functional Chemiluminescent Probe for in vivo Imaging of Natural Killer Cell Activity against Tumours (2021)

Activated neutrophil fluorescent imaging technique for human lungs (2021).

Design and Modelling of a Continuum Robot for Distal Lung Sampling in Mechanically Ventilated Patients in Critical Care (2021)

Full spectrum fluorescence lifetime imaging with 0.5 nm spectral and 50 ps temporal resolution (2021)

Hypoxia drives murine neutrophil protein scavenging to maintain central carbon metabolism (2021)

Multi-Scale Aggregated-Dilation Network for ex-vivo Lung Cancer Detection with Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Endomicroscopy (2021).

Pulmonary-Resident Memory Lymphocytes: Pivotal Orchestrators of Local Immunity Against Respiratory Infections (2021)

Solitary pulmonary nodule imaging approaches and the role of optical fibre-based technologies (2021).

T cells drive negative feedback mechanisms in Cancer Associated Fibroblasts, promoting expression of co-inhibitory ligands, CD73 and IL-27 in non-small cell lung cancer (2021)

Time-resolved spectral-domain optical coherence tomography with CMOS SPAD sensors (2021)

Tissue proteomic analysis identifies mechanisms and stages of immunopathology in fatal COVID-19 (2021)

A matrix metalloproteinase activation probe for painting human tumours (2020).

Demonstrating the Use of Optical Fibres in Biomedical Sensing: A Collaborative Approach for Engagement and Education (2020)

Deep Learning in ex-vivo Lung Cancer Discrimination using Fluorescence Lifetime Endomicroscopic Images (2020).

Exploratory use of fluorescent SmartProbes for the rapid detection of microbial isolates causing corneal ulcer (2020).

Frugal filtering optical lenses for point-of-care diagnostics (2020)

Molecular detection of Gram-positive bacteria in the human lung through an optical fiber–based endoscope (2020).

Polymyxin-based photosensitizer for the potent and selective killing of Gram-negative bacteria (2020).

The role of fungi in fungal keratitis (2020)

Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Fluorescence Quenching in Optical Fibre-Based pH Sensors (2020)

Ultrafast-laser-ablation-assisted spatially selective attachment of fluorescent sensors onto optical fibers (2020)

A Fluorescent Activatable AND-Gate Chemokine CCL2 Enables In Vivo Detection of Metastasis-Associated Macrophages (2019)

Enhanced avidity from a multivalent fluorescent antimicrobial peptide enables pathogen detection in a human lung model (2019).

Fibre-based spectral ratio endomicroscopy for contrast enhancement of bacterial imaging and pulmonary autofluorescence (2019)

Genetic variation and potential for genetic improvement of cuticle deposition on chicken eggs (2019).

Cerebral Concussion Primes the Lungs for Subsequent Neutrophil-Mediated Injury (2018)

Development of an Alveolar Transbronchial Catheter for Concurrent Fiber Optics-Based Imaging and Fluid Delivery (2018).

Early arriving photon imaging for locating optical endomicroscopy fibres and medical devices (2018).

High fidelity fibre-based physiological sensing deep in tissue (2018)

Low-cost high sensitivity pulsed endomicroscopy to visualize tricolor optical signatures (2018)

Super-silent FRET sensor enables live cell imaging and flow cytometric stratification of intracellular serine protease activity in neutrophils (2018).

Ballistic and snake photon imaging for locating optical endomicroscopy fibres (2017).

Chemical Modulation of in Vivo Macrophage Function with Subpopulation-Specific Fluorescent Prodrug Conjugates (2017)

Highly selective and rapidly activatable fluorogenic Thrombin sensors and application in human lung tissue (2017)

Optical Screening of Novel Bacteria-specific Probes on Ex Vivo Human Lung Tissue by Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (2017).

Novel role for endogenous mitochondrial formylated peptide-driven formyl peptide receptor 1 signalling in acute respiratory distress syndrome (2017)

pH sensing through a single optical fibre using SERS and CMOS SPAD line arrays (2017)

Time-resolved spectroscopy at 19,000 lines per second using a CMOS SPAD line array enables advanced biophotonics applications (2017).

Assessing the utility of autofluorescence-based pulmonary optical endomicroscopy to predict the malignant potential of solitary pulmonary nodules in humans (2016).

Endoscopic sensing of alveolar pH (2016).

Two-color widefield fluorescence microendoscopy enables multiplexed molecular imaging in the alveolar space of human lung tissue (2016).

A labelled-ubiquicidin antimicrobial peptide for immediate in situ optical detection of live bacteria in human alveolar lung tissue (2015).

Optical molecular imaging of lysyl oxidase activity–detection of active fibrogenesis in human lung tissue (2015).

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