Fibre-based spectral ratio endomicroscopy for contrast enhancement of bacterial imaging and pulmonary autofluorescence (2019)

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Parker HE, Stone JM, Marshall ADL, Choudhary TR, Thomson RR, Dhaliwal K, Tanner MG


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Fibre-based optical endomicroscopy (OEM) permits high resolution fluorescence microscopy in endoscopically accessible tissues. Fibred OEM has the potential to visualise pathologies targeted with fluorescent imaging probes and provide an in vivo in situ molecular pathology platform to augment disease understanding, diagnosis and stratification. Here we present an inexpensive widefield ratiometric fibred OEM system capable of enhancing the contrast between similar spectra of pathologically relevant fluorescent signals without the burden of complex spectral unmixing. As an exemplar, we demonstrate the potential of the platform to detect fluorescently labelled Gram-negative bacteria in the challenging environment of highly autofluorescent lung tissue in whole ex vivo human lungs.


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June 21, 2023

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