Michael Tanner

Associate Professor

Email: m.tanner@hw.ac.uk

Michael Tanner is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, having previously spent time at the Universities of Nottingham, Cambridge, and Glasgow. He has strong links to clinical research at the University of Edinburgh.

Coming from a background in single photon detection, he has a desire to apply advanced technologies to healthcare challenges. He has extensive experience in photonic technologies such as enhanced optical fibre endoscopy/sensing and time resolved photon counting imaging/spectroscopy. He has a particular focus on translating technology out of the lab. He is pursuing this with ongoing funding from EPSRC, MRC, and Scottish Enterprise in topics ranging across photodynamic therapy, women’s health, photon transit through tissue, and widefield clinical imaging systems.

He is currently translating time resolved imaging systems to first in human studies with the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and is advancing this technology commercially.


Outside of work Michael cycles, fixes old motorbikes, rides them when they are working, and enjoys exploring the Scottish hills.


Selective plane illumination optical endomicroscopy with polymer imaging fibers (2023) 
Roldán-Varona P, Ross CA, Rodríguez-Cobo L, López-Higuera JM, Gaughan E, Dhaliwal K, Tanner MG, Thomson RR, Parker HE.



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Frugal filtering optical lenses for point-of-care diagnostics (2020)
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Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Fluorescence Quenching in Optical Fibre-Based pH Sensors (2020)
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Ultrafast-laser-ablation-assisted spatially selective attachment of fluorescent sensors onto optical fibers (2020)
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Fibre-based spectral ratio endomicroscopy for contrast enhancement of bacterial imaging and pulmonary autofluorescence (2019)

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Ballistic and snake photon imaging for locating optical endomicroscopy fibres (2017).
Tanner MG, Choudhary TR, Craven TH, Mills B, Bradley M, Henderson RK, Dhaliwal K, Thomson, RR.


Time-resolved spectroscopy at 19,000 lines per second using a CMOS SPAD line array enables advanced biophotonics applications (2017).
A Kufcsák, A Erdogan, R Walker, K Ehrlich, M Tanner, A Megia-Fernandez, E Scholefield, P Emanuel, K Dhaliwal, M Bradley, R K Henderson, N Krstajić.


Two-color widefield fluorescence microendoscopy enables multiplexed molecular imaging in the alveolar space of human lung tissue (2016).
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Endoscopic sensing of alveolar pH (2016).
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