We have developed novel platforms for distal pulmonary imaging, delivery and sampling. The optical imaging platform utilises chemical SmartProbes that are delivered to a patient’s distal lung via our fibre-based medical device ‘Panoptes’. In the presence of pathogens/inflammatory pathways, the SmartProbes fluoresce, and this signal is detected and imaged by Panoptes in conjunction with bespoke imaging systems. Differences in the inherent properties of cancerous tissue (relative to healthy tissue) also enables the imaging platforms to identify cancer tissue even without the use of additional SmartProbes.

This clinical study, scheduled to commence in Q4 2021, will assess the safety of novel lung imaging platforms in a small (~80) number of patients, and perform a preliminary assessment of the platform’s ability to visualise bacterial infection and neutrophil activity and differentiate between cancerous and non-cancerous tissue. The technology development along the translational pathway is supported by CARB-X and will be followed by the larger BAC2BAC study.

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