Bimodal fluorogenic sensing of matrix proteolytic signatures in lung cancer (2018).

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Megia-fernandez A, Mills B, Michels C, Chankeshwara, S V, Krstajić N, Haslett C, Dhaliwal K, Bradley M


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Optical biosensing based on the activation of fluorescent reporters offers a powerful methodology for the real-time molecular interrogation of pathology. Here we report a first-in-class, bimodal fluorescent reporter strategy for the simultaneous and highly specific detection of two independent proteases (thrombin and matrix metalloproteases (MMPs)) pivotal in the fibroproliferative process surrounding lung cancer, based on a dual, multiplexing, peptide FRET system. This sophisticated synthetic smartprobe, with a molecular weight of 6 kDa, contains two independent fluorophores and quenchers that generate photonic signatures at two specific wavelengths upon activation by target enzymes within human lung cancer tissue.



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June 5, 2023

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