Bethany Mills

Research Fellow in Optical Molecular Imaging


Beth graduated from the University of Sheffield with a 1st class degree in Medical Microbiology and was awarded her PhD in Molecular Microbiology from the University of Nottingham.

She subsequently joined the Proteus project and Translational Healthcare Technologies group at the University of Edinburgh in 2015, where she led infection model development and the validation of optical SmartProbes and imaging devices for clinical translation in pulmonology.

More recently Beth has been exploring how such technologies can be adapted for point-of-care diagnosis of infection, considering technological, user and health system requirements in low-resource settings. Beth completed an MSc in Global Health Policy in 2019 at the University of Edinburgh, and has built extensive networks across healthcare settings in India with whom she collaborates to co-design and evaluate these technologies, particularly in the field of microbial keratitis.

Beth was awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship in 2021 to develop pathways to diagnose, treat and reduce the burden of microbial keratitis in India, with project partner Aravind Eye Care System.  


Environmentally sensitive photosensitizers enable targeted photodynamic ablation of Gram-positive antibiotic resistant bacteria (2023) 
Benson S, Kiang A, Lochenie C, Lal N, Mohanan SMPC, Williams GOS, Dhaliwal K, Mills B, Vendrell M.


FluoroPi Device With SmartProbes: A Frugal Point-of-Care System for Fluorescent Detection of Bacteria From a Pre-Clinical Model of Microbial Keratitis (2023)
Mohanan SMPC, Russell K, Duncan S, Kiang A, Lochenie C, Duffy E, Kennedy S, Prajna NV, Williams RL, Dhaliwal K, Williams GOS, Mills B.

Specific in situ immuno-imaging of pulmonary-resident memory lymphocytes in human lungs (2023)

Humphries DC, O’Connor RA, Stewart HL, Quinn TM, Gaughan EE, Mills B, Williams GOS, Stone JM, Finlayson K,  Chabaud-Riou M, Boudet F, Dhaliwal K,  Pavot V.


Phase 2 randomised placebo-controlled trial of spironolactone and dexamethasone versus dexamethasone in COVID-19 hospitalised patients in Delhi (2023)

Wadhwa B, Malhotra V,  Kerai S, Husain F, Pandey NP, Saxena KN, Singh V, Quinn TM, Li F,  Gaughan E, Shankar-Hari M, Mills B, Antonelli J, Bruce A, Finlayson K,  Moore A, Dhaliwal K, Edwards C.


An Inhaled Galectin-3 Inhibitor in COVID-19 Pneumonitis (DEFINE): A Phase Ib/IIa Randomised Controlled Trial (2022).
Gaughan EE, Quinn TM, Mills A, Bruce A M, Antonelli J, Mackinnon A, Aslanis V, Li F, O’connor R, Boz C, Mills R, Emanuel P, Burgess M, Rinaldi G, Valanciute A, Mills B, Scholefield E, Hardisty G, Gwyer Findlay E, Parker R A, Norrie J, Dear JW, Akram AR, Koch O, Templeton K, Dockrell DH, Walsh TS, Partridge S, Humphries D, Wang-Jairaj J, Slack RJ, Schambye H, Phung D, Gravelle L, Lindmark B, Shankar-Hari M, Hirani N, Sethi T, Dhaliwal K.


Randomised Controlled Trial of Intravenous Nafamostat Mesylate in COVID pneumonitis: Phase 1b/2a Experimental Study to Investigate Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (2022).
Quinn T, Gaughan E E, Bruce A, Antonelli J, O’Connor R A, Li F, McNamara S, Koch O, Mackintosh C, Dockrell D, Walsh T, Blyth K G, Church C, Schwarze J, Boz C, Valanciute A, Burgess M, Emanuel P, Mills B, Rinaldi G, Hardisty G, Mills R, Findlay EG, Jabbal S, Duncan A, Plant S, Marshal ADL, Young I, Russell K, Scholefield E, Nimmo AF, Nazarov IB, Churchill GC, McCullagh JSO, Ebrahimi KH, Ferrett C, Templeton K, Rannard S, Owen A, Moore A, Finlayson K, Shankar-Hari M, Norrie J, Parker RA, Akram AR, Anthony DC, Dear JW, Hirani N, Dhaliwal K.


Activated neutrophil fluorescent imaging technique for human lungs (2021).
Craven T H, Walton T, Akram A R, Scholefield E, Mcdonald N, Marshall A D L, Humphries D C, Mills B, Campbell T A, Bruce A, Mair J, Dear J W, Newby D E, Hill A T, Walsh T S, Haslett C, Dhaliwal K.


The role of fungi in fungal keratitis (2020)
Mills B, Radhakrishnan N, Karthikeyan Rajapandian SG, Rameshkumar G, Lalitha P, Prajna NV.


Frugal filtering optical lenses for point-of-care diagnostics (2020)
Long J, Parker HE, Ehrlich K, Tanner MG, Dhaliwal K, Mills B.


Polymyxin-based photosensitizer for the potent and selective killing of Gram-negative bacteria (2020).
Ucuncu M, Mills B, Duncan S, Staderini M, Dhaliwal K, Bradley M.


Exploratory use of fluorescent SmartProbes for the rapid detection of microbial isolates causing corneal ulcer (2020).
Mills B, Megia-Fernandez A, Bradley M, Dhaliwal K, Williams R, Gunasekaran R, Lalitha P, Prajna NV.


Molecular detection of Gram-positive bacteria in the human lung through an optical fiber–based endoscope (2020).
Mills B, Megia-Fernandez A, Norberg D, Duncan S, Marshall A, Akram AR, Quinn T, Young I, Bruce AM, Scholefield E, Williams GOS, Krstajić N, Choudhary TR, Parker HE, Tanner MG, Harrington K, Wood HAC, Birks TA, Knight JC, Haslett C, Birks TA, Knight JC, Haslett C, Dhaliwal K, Bradley M, Ucuncu M, Stone JM.


A matrix metalloproteinase activation probe for painting human tumours (2020).
Mills B, Norberg D, Dhaliwal K, Akram AR, Bradley M, Megia-Fernandez A.


In situ identification of Gram-negative bacteria in human lungs using a topical fluorescent peptide targeting lipid A (2018).
Akram AR, Chankeshwara SV, Scholefield E, Aslam T, McDonald N, Megia-Fernandez A, Marshall A, Mills B, Avlonitis N, Craven TH, Smyth AM, Collie DS, Gray C, Hirani N, Hill AT, Govan JR, Walsh T, Haslett C, Bradley M, Dhaliwal K.


Early arriving photon imaging for locating optical endomicroscopy fibres and medical devices (2018).
Tanner M G, Choudhary T, Craven T, Mills B, Bradley M, Henderson R, Dhaliwal K, Thomson RR.


Bimodal fluorogenic sensing of matrix proteolytic signatures in lung cancer (2018).
Megia-fernandez A, Mills B, Michels C, Chankeshwara, S V, Krstajić N, Haslett C, Dhaliwal K, Bradley M.


Low-cost high sensitivity pulsed endomicroscopy to visualize tricolor optical signatures (2018)
Krstajić N, Mills B, Murray I, Marshall A, Norberg D, Craven TH, Emanuel P, Choudhary TR, Williams GOS, Scholefield E, Akram AR, Davie A, Hirani N, Bruce A, Moore A, Bradley M, Dhaliwal K.


Highly selective and rapidly activatable fluorogenic Thrombin sensors and application in human lung tissue (2017)
Megia-fernandez A, Mills B, Michels C, Chankeshwara SV, Dhaliwal K, Bradley M.


Ballistic and snake photon imaging for locating optical endomicroscopy fibres (2017).
Tanner MG, Choudhary TR, Craven TH, Mills B, Bradley M, Henderson RK, Dhaliwal K, Thomson, RR.


Optical Screening of Novel Bacteria-specific Probes on Ex Vivo Human Lung Tissue by Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (2017).
Mills B, Akram AUH, Scholefield E, Bradley M, Dhaliwal K.


Endoscopic sensing of alveolar pH (2016).
Choudhury D, Tanner MG, McAughtrie S, Yu F, Mills B, Choudhary TR, Seth S, Craven TH, Stone JM, Mati IK, Campbell CJ , Bradley M, Williams CKI, Dhaliwal K, Birks TA, Thomson RR.

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