Syam Mohan

Device Engineering Research Associate in Frugal Medical Devices


Syam graduated from University of Kerala (India) with a master’s degree in Optoelectronics and Optical communication in 2011. Later he joined in Vinvish Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India (2011-2014) as an Optics engineer, where he was working in various projects including development of photodynamic therapy laser & reflective confocal microscope.

In 2014, he joined National Centre for Laser Applications (NUIG Galway) Ireland as a researcher in laser technology. There he worked in a Biophotonics project in collaboration with Teleflex medical USA. In 2019, Syam received a Biophotonics PhD from Heriot-Watt University. The objective of his PhD was to develop a high precision and minimally invasive ultrafast laser tool for the surgical procedure of early stage colon cancer. He joined the THT Group as a device engineering research associate in October 2019.

His current research interests revolve around the design and development of fluorescence imaging device. He also interested in ultrashort pulse laser applications using hollow core fibres.


FluoroPi Device With SmartProbes: A Frugal Point-of-Care System for Fluorescent Detection of Bacteria From a Pre-Clinical Model of Microbial Keratitis (2023)

Mohanan SMPC, Russell K, Duncan S, Kiang A, Lochenie C, Duffy E, Kennedy S, Prajna NV, Williams RL, Dhaliwal K, Williams GOS, Mills B.


Environmentally sensitive photosensitizers enable targeted photodynamic ablation of Gram-positive antibiotic resistant bacteria (2023)

Benson S, Kiang A, Lochenie C, Lal N, Mohanan SMPC, Williams GOS, Dhaliwal K, Mills B, Vendrell M.

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