Sohan Seth

Senior Data Scientist


Sohan is the Lead Data Scientist at University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics, and runs the Data Science Unit at the School of Informatics. He has a background in Machine Learning and Data Science, and has extensive experience in dealing with a variety of data types including image, text, genome, spectra, spike trains and graphs. His research focuses primarily on building interpretable models for extracting information from scientific data. He is interested in the application of machine learning tools to solve problems in science, health, people and environment. He is a co-lead of the Advanced Care Research Centre, and as part of the THT Group he is developing machine learning models for analysing spectroscopy and endomicroscopy measurements. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sci-fi thrillers, playing racket sports, cooking for his family and a bit of gardening.


Computational Fluorescence Suppression in Shifted Excitation Raman Spectroscopy (2023).
Jenkins N, Ehrlich K, Kufcsak A, Yerolatsitis S, Fernandes S, Young I, Hamilton K, Wood HA, Quinn T, Young V, Akram AR, Stone JM, Thomson RR, Finlayson K, Dhaliwal K, Seth S.


Simultaneous Spectral Temporal Modelling for a Time-Resolved Fluorescence Emission Spectrum (2023)
Adams AC, Kufcsak A, Ehrlich K, Dhaliwal K, Seth S. 


Tri-mode optical biopsy probe with fluorescence endomicroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy (2022).
Wood HA, Ehrlich K, Yerolatsitis S, Kufcsák A, Quinn TM, Fernandes S, Norberg D, Jenkins NC, Young V, Young I, Hamilton K, Seth S, Akram AR,Thomson RR, Finlayson K, Dhaliwal K, Stone JM. 


Assessing the utility of autofluorescence-based pulmonary optical endomicroscopy to predict the malignant potential of solitary pulmonary nodules in humans (2016).
Seth S, Akram AR, McCool P, Westerfeld J, Wilson D, McLaughlin S, Dhaliwal K, Williams CK.


Endoscopic sensing of alveolar pH (2016).
Choudhury D, Tanner MG, McAughtrie S, Yu F, Mills B, Choudhary TR, Seth S, Craven TH, Stone JM, Mati IK, Campbell CJ , Bradley M, Williams CKI, Dhaliwal K, Birks TA, Thomson RR.

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