Lilian Koppensteiner

PHD Student


Lilian studied Medicine and completed her basic clinical training in Vienna, Austria. Following this, her curiosity for Research brought her to Edinburgh, where she undertook a MScR in respiratory microbiome Research, followed by a Research assistant post in Prof. Bogaert’s group.

Lilian is currently carrying out her PhD with supervision of Dr. Ahsan Akram, Dr. Richard O’Connor and Prof. Kev Dhaliwal in collaboration with GSK and NPL. Her focus is investigating immunosuppressive pathways involving cancer associated fibroblasts in Non-small-cell lung cancer and developing and validating a surface expressed biomarker signature to identify tumour relevant T cells that could harbour the potential to monitor dynamic changes in tumour immunity.

Outside of work Lilian enjoys experimenting with photography, cooking and art.



T cells drive negative feedback mechanisms in Cancer Associated Fibroblasts, promoting expression of co-inhibitory ligands, CD73 and IL-27 in non-small cell lung cancer (2021)
O’Connor R A, Chauhan V, Mathieson L, Titmarsh H, Koppensteiner L, Young I, Tagliavini G, Dorward D, Prost S, Dhaliwal K, Wallace W, Akram A R.

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