Emily Thompson

PHD Student

Email: E.J.Thompson-4@sms.ed.ac.uk

Emily is a third-year PhD student working in the Vendrell lab. She moved to Edinburgh back in 2018 after completing her undergraduate degree in Sheffield. Her PhD project aims to identify new biomarkers of inflammation which could be useful in IBD, for both diagnostic and theragnostic purposes. In terms of research interests, she is passionate about working on projects where there is a direct patient benefit, and is particularly focused on gut inflammation.

In her spare time, she is a big fan of spending her weekends exploring the countryside around Edinburgh by bike or on foot and is also a very keen skier!


Fluorogenic Granzyme A Substrates Enable Real-Time Imaging of Adaptive Immune Cell Activity (2023)

Cheng Z, Thompson EJ, Mendive-Tapia L, Scott J, Benson S, Kitamura T, Senan-Salinas A, Samarakoon Y, Roberts EW, Arias MA, Pardo J, Galvez EM, Vendrell M


A fluorogenic probe for granzyme B enables in-biopsy evaluation and screening of response to anticancer immunotherapies (2022).
Scott J, Mendive Tapia L, Gordon D, Barth N, Thompson E, Cheng Z, Taggart D, Kitamura T, Blas A B, Roberts E W, Juarez Jimenez J, Michel J, Piet B, de Vries I J, Verdoes M, Dawson J C, Carragher N O, O’Connor R A, Akram A R, Serrels A. Frame M C, Vendrell M.


A Functional Chemiluminescent Probe for in vivo Imaging of Natural Killer Cell Activity against Tumours (2021)

Scott J, Gutkin S, Green O, Thompson EJ, Kitamura T, Shabat D, Vendrell M


A Fluorescent Activatable AND-Gate Chemokine CCL2 Enables In Vivo Detection of Metastasis-Associated Macrophages (2019)

Fernandez A, Thompson EJ, Pollard JW, Kitamura T, Vendrell M

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