Post-Doctoral Researchers
Christian Brahms

Research associate in the Laboratory for Ultrafast Physics and Optics at Heriot-Watt University

He works on ultrafast laser pulse compression, frequency conversion, and characterisation.

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He is especially focused on the generation and use of bright, tuneable, and ultrashort laser pulses in the ultraviolet, both in applied contexts and experiments in fundamental science. During his PhD at Imperial College London, he also worked on X-ray high-harmonic generation, strong-field physics, and ultrafast spectroscopy.

When he is not fiddling with laser beams, he can most often be found climbing various rocks.

Elvira Williams

Doctorate degree from the University of Edinburgh

She gained her doctorate degree from the University of Edinburgh on exploring highly excited electronic states of fullerenes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

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Following her PhD, Elvira gained industrial experience working on high power picosecond lasers at Coherent, a world leading laser company. Pursuing her desire to develop novel and innovative optical systems, she joined the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (CfAI) at Durham University as part of the Proteus Project. She delivered a new optical medical imaging device ready for clinical translation with full regulatory and technical documentation. Expanding her designs towards low-cost systems, Elvira took on a Lead Optical Systems Engineer role the Arrest TB project where she developed two prototypes of cost-efficient devices to detect infectious tuberculosis in patient samples.

Elvira has extensive experience of high-power ultrafast lasers, advanced optical systems, complex electrical systems and ultra-high vacuum equipment along with medical device development and translation.

Focussing on novel approaches in healthcare technologies, in 2021 Elvira joined the u-Care project as Research Fellow in Translational Medical Device Design & Integration. She will work on the design of optical systems to understand the wavelength-dependent mutagenic properties of deep UV light and on how to translate these innovative systems into clinical settings.

Calum Ross

Physicist at Heriot-Watt University (HWU) in Edinburgh

He has an interest in glass microfabrication utilising ultrafast lasers.

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Whilst working within the Photonic Instrumentation group at HWU, he has developed micro-components for a wide variety of applications including medical instrumentation, astrophotonics, fibre-optics and micro-sensors.

Calum completed his PhD in 2019, on the development and fabrication of a miniaturised fibre-optic Raman probe for applications in cancer diagnostics. His current focus is on using advanced methods to push the microfabrication technique to its limits.

To relax, Calum enjoys exploring the Scottish countryside, cycling, and playing guitar.

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