Translational Facilities & Support

The recently established Healthcare Technology Accelerator Facility (HTAF) in THT is crucially important for current and future commercialisation activities. HTAF unites Engineering and Physical Sciences groups from 5 universities with University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian and is mentored by the California Life Sciences Institute and Codebase. Uniquely in a UK academic group, THT’s HTAF includes all the necessary business development, legal and commercialisation expertise and to support spin offs, start-ups and industrial research. It also provides hands-on advice from expert partners to greatly accelerate and augment the translational/commercialisation process. HTAF is building links with international partners in India, USA, SMEs, and industry to organically grow an innovation ecosystem from the “bottom up”.

More information about THT/HTAF’s translational capabilities can be found here:

Visit the HTAF website


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